the outsider / the insider

ESSENCE can be an elusive quality. ‘The Outsider/The Insider’ consists of two chairs in one. ‘The Insider’ is a slender white chair cast in white concrete, with detailing that is reduced to the absolute minimum. While ‘The Insider’ strives for a purified ideal, ‘The Outsider’ represents the complexities of potential. Its fragmented form comprises the wooden shuttering in which ‘The Insider’ is cast.

In contrast to the slender white ‘Insider’, the ‘Outsider’ is structurally elaborate and detailed, with its soft wooden exterior and hard casting interior surfaces, its segmented shapes and its multiple hinges. ‘The Outsider’ is constructed to be un-folded and opened up, thus slowly revealing ‘The Insider’ in stages –  in a form of undressing.

The Outsider / The Insider invites reflection upon the enormous complexity and energy needed to convey an appearance of simplicity.