house of obstacles and invitations

MISUSE is embraced in  ‘The House of Obstacles and Invitations’, which, like irony, is about humour and serious play.

This house does not stray far from a recognizable model of a homely house, but instead ‘plays it straight’, sticking close to a home with familiar features borrowed from the architecture of Victorian interiors.

The rooms of the house seem to be engaged in a game that embraces abuse, misuse and confusion. They counterattack and beg for connection and modification, forming an architecture that functions despite its own obstacles, where the elements are inconsistent and equivocal rather than direct and clear.

‘Man does not seek pleasure and does not avoid displeasure…Displeasure is an obstacle to man’s will to power, it is therefore a normal fact, the normal ingredient of every organic event; man doesn’t avoid it, he is rather in continual need of it; every victory, every feeling of pleasure, every event, presupposes a resistance overcome’.
– Friedrich Nietzsche