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1)    Phantom Limbs (2011)


Teak, glass, steel, oak, leather

Child’s 19th century prosthetic leg built into construction consisting of 5 interlocking teak vitrines

2)    Mountain […]  (2008/2011)


Teak, Beech plywood, MDF, plastic, steel, cardboard, rubberised paint finish

Mechanical adjustable-height table with office spaces under tabletop; modelled at scale 1:50, displayed within bespoke vitrine

3)    The Outsider / The Insider (2010/2011)


Teak, concrete, oak, brass, high gloss white paint

Reinforced concrete-cast chair with folding formwork made in oak, hinged with brass, displayed within bespoke vitrine

4)    The Forgotten Follies of Sølyst (2010/2011)


Teak, oak, brass, white gloss paint

Set of hinged casting shuttering, displayed within bespoke vitrine

5)    Seat […] (2009/2011)


Teak, zebrano, bog oak, oak, maple, cherry, douglas fir, plaster

Marquetry-work chair with lathed plaster casts, in ruined or incomplete state, displayed within bespoke vitrine